We transform your business model into a brand.Providing customized, scalable, flexible solutions that address various complex business needs

Video Types

Reaching worldwide audience with different types of animation catered to deliver your message effectively

2D / 3D Animation Videos

Video marketing has become a significantly important marketing tool in recent years becoming a key aspect of every successful business strategy. At Logo to Design, we create 2D animated videos that focus on creating characters, storyboards and different backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. Using video animation services for your product can help you spread the message across multiple channels resulting in the increase of traffic to your website and hence establishing a strong online presence. The 3D animation services are one of the most productive methods to portray your business to the online world. Moreover, the use of 3D animation can not only fascinate the viewers but also showcase your overall standard and vision of your business.The 3D Animation video service at Logo to Design exemplifies your ideas in a style that can influence consumers’ decision power and generate more leads to your website. We transform your business model into a creative brand with our services that includes:

  •   Real-time rendering
  •   Modelling
  •   Texturing
  •   Concept designs
  •   Voice over
  •   Sound effects
  •   Storyboard conceptualization
  •   Script creation
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White Board animation

White Board animation is a groundbreaking tool which with their creativity makes content interesting and engaging. Logo to Design experts uses time-tested methods that present your ideas in the form of Whiteboard Animations videos. Moreover, the hypnotic effect we create, lets you share your information through graphics in a concise, creative and an intellectual manner. We guarantee that with a video animation service your business sale can boost up to 40-60% and increase user interaction. For companies in particular startups that struggle to make big in the market, a whiteboard animated video can proof to be a powerful asset. Our competitive price range and the quality work will amaze you to come back for more. Our services include:

  •   Product Animation
  •   Service Animation
  •   Presentations & Demos
  •   Company Story
  •   Classroom Whiteboard
  •   Marketing Whiteboard Animation
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Motion Graphics

In recent years businesses have seen a shift from content based marketing to video marketing. The graphics have come a long way from being just a design feature to an animated motion graphics. Research shows that about 90% of online shoppers admit the fact that a video helped them in making buying decisions and 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website in the past 30 days. Therefore it has become necessary for every business to tell their stories through videos. With Motion Graphics, you can create social awareness about your business, products, and services as it is easily adaptable to all kinds of industries. We transform your business stories into motion graphics that differentiates your business and builds an engaging connection with your customers.

  •   Clay Animation
  •   Toy-Motion
  •   Paper Animation
  •   Puppet Animation
  •   Cut-Out Animation
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Our Work

Our portfolio is rich with innovative and creative projects made for different industries and businesses. We design with an aim to steer your business to a right direction.


Pricing and Plans

An independent entrepreneur or a large corporation, our pricing packages are designed with flexible features. Choose a plan that best fits your requirements.

  • 1 Video Concept
  • Up to 10 Seconds Duration
  • Unlimited Revisions*
  • 1 Week Delivery
  • $100 Additional Charges Includes
  • Script Included
  • Storyboard Included
  • Background Music Included
  • Voice Over Included
  • 1 Video Concept
  • Up to 10 Seconds Duration
  • Unlimited Revisions*
  • 2 Weeks Delivery
  • $100 Additional Charges Includes
  • Script Included
  • Storyboard Included
  • Background Music Included
  • Voice Over Included

Animated Video Package


  • 1 Video Concept
  • Up to 10 Second Duration
  • Unlimited Revision*
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • $100 Additional Charges Includes
  • Script Included
  • Storyboard Included
  • Background Music Included
  • Voice Over Included

Video Animation Process

Understand our behind the scene process of transforming your idea into a live streaming object

Research & Analysis

The project kickoffs with a business study and analysis to devise a plan that suitably matches the requirements

Scripting & Storyboard

Writing an engaging content that accurately fits the scenario and despite being short is powerful enough to convey the desired message

Animation & Voice Over

Each frame is designed with perfection and attention to details that are brought to life by a professional voiceover artist

Final Rendering

After complete edition of audio and visual aspects, the final video is delivered in applicable formats


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